Supply chains are still adapting to Brexit and will need to adapt to full UK border controls from 2023. Globally, we are also seeing changes as the UK pursues its own trade policy providing opportunities and challenges for members.

Through the Trade Community, we help shape the UK Government’s strategy, working towards pragmatic border controls, a sustainable solution to the Northern Ireland protocol for moving goods from GB to NI and helping you adapt to new trade deals. 

Our campaign Fair Brexit for Consumers was key in ensuring a tariff free deal with the EU to protect consumer interests, we are at the heart of the discussions on the Northern Ireland Protocol and have close contacts with all the relevant Government agencies to secure a workable, low friction approach to UK border controls. 

For examples of recent policy wins on behalf of members from this and other communities, check out our Member Value Statement.


  • Corporate & Public Affairs Directors
  • Executives in Excise, Customs, Trade, Regulatory Compliance
  • Senior executives/managers with responsibility for Brexit and trade planning/work which may cover HR, procurement, risk, tax, customs, VAT, and other areas
  • Associate Members

Community Manager

Andrew Opie

Director of Food and Sustainability

Andrew has been with the BRC since 2005 and was at the NFU in a senior role before that. He worked extensively pre Brexit to help members prepare their supply chains and has worked with Government departments since to ensure members have the best opportunity to influence UK border controls and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Contact Andrew by email.