Brexit, EU importing & exporting, trade deals, moving goods between GB/NI


Brexit, EU importing & exporting, trade deals, moving goods between GB/NI


The impact of the trade negotiations this year between the UK and EU, and the UK and US are likely to be enormous for the industry and the consumers it serves. It is essential that retail and consumers get the best possible deals, in terms of tariffs, customs processes, rules of origin, border controls, data flows, VAT, and new regulatory structures.

Through the Trade Policy Community, we help shape the UK Government’s strategy, work to make the new GB-NI goods arrangements function from January 2021, help you understand and prepare for the implications of the negotiations, and protect the interests of consumers.


  • Corporate & Public Affairs Directors
  • Executives in Excise, Customs, Trade, Regulatory Compliance
  • Senior executives/managers with responsibility for Brexit and trade planning/work which may cover HR, procurement, risk, tax, customs, VAT, and other areas




Delivering Fair Deals for Consumers   Ensuring final UK-EU deal and others to be negotiated in 2020 secure the best possible trading environment for members

 Delivering FOR members 

  • Securing commitments from UK/EU on: Zero-tariff trade, the principle of standstill transition, UK-wide policy frameworks covering food and non-food
  • Securing commitment from UK Government for trade as friction-free as possible and rolling over of EU bilateral FTAs which matter to consumers
  • Making the case for a demand-led system on migration
  • Securing an easement to mitigate the risk of upfront import VAT upon members' cashflow
  • Making submissions to key UK Parliament Select Committees & Bill Committees on Brexit Bills
  • Enabling members to access and put their case to Ministers, Shadow Ministers, key MPs, MEPs, Assembly Members, MLAs, MSPs and other decision makers
  • Sharing expertise and helping members with Brexit planning

Community Manager

Andrew Opie

Director of Food and Sustainability

Andrew has been with the BRC for 13 years and was at the NFU in a senior role before that. He has an extensive network of contacts, knows how to influence Government and respond to the media.

Contact Andrew by email.