In a period of squeezed margins and pressures on police resources, managing crime and security - primarily violence and abuse against staff - becomes ever more challenging.

The Operations Community leads the BRC’s work on crime and security, with members working together and with the Government and leading experts to better understand and resolve the key crime issues facing the industry.


  • Operations Directors
  • Directors of Retail
  • Loss Prevention Directors/Managers
  • Head of Security and Profit Protection
  • Regional Managers




Protect retail colleagues and companies   Secure improved law enforcement and prioritisation of response to violence and abuse

 Delivering for members 

  • Benchmarking data for members and shaping the debate in the media, Parliament and beyond on the costs and implications of crime
  • Pressing for specific worker protection legislation
  • Successfully pressing for the publication of force level fraud data with a view to driving up performance
  • Co-Chairing the National Retail Crime Steering Group, with Home Office Ministers, which is delivering the BRC-developed strategy on violence and abuse
  • Participating in the Joint Fraud Taskforce, shaping the Government’s fraud thinking and action around retail priorities

Community Manager

Graham Wynn

Assistant Director for Consumer,
E-Commerce and Regulatory Affairs

Graham has been Chairman of the Eurocommerce Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee since 2013, having first lobbied in the EU in 1979. Prior to the BRC he was Secretary General of an international political organisation and Head of Policy and the Shadow Cabinet Secretariat of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Contact Graham by email.