CSR Community

Retail operations and supply chains are dependent on healthy environments and communities across the world. However, there are growing concerns over the pressures facing people and our planet. Retailers are challenged to solve these issues, but these are often complex problems that require collaborative approaches with a range of actors.

The CSR Community provides the platform for retailers to work together, often with NGOs and governments, and lead the drive for positive change.


  • CSR & Sustainability Directors
  • Ethical Trade Managers
  • Policy and Public Affairs Executives
  • Responsible Sourcing specialists
  • Environment Managers




Driving improvements in responsible business practices through Better Retail Better World   An effective, multi-stakeholder strategy to deliver a circular economy, and greater government action to support our efforts in ensuring decent working practices throughout our supply chains

 Delivering For members 

  • Delivering world leading industry commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals through Better Retail Better World
  • Driving Government to enforce better working conditions in UK supply chains
  • Creating the Retailer Modern Slavery Protocol
  • Agreeing principles on a Deposit Return Scheme for retail
  • Acting on issues ahead of the game – e.g. switched to paper cotton bud stems by end of 2017

Community Managers


Sustainability Policy Adviser

Leah leads on responsible sourcing including sustainable fashion, sustainable seafood, food waste, and more.

Leah is currently on maternity leave, please email Nadiya Catel-Arutyunova for more information.