Championing sustainability is a critical task for the retail industry. As a responsible and sustainable business, your operations and supply chains are dependent on healthy environments and communities across the world. Customers awakening to the climate change and their appetite to make better purchasing decisions heightens retailers' reputational risk, and the growing policy and regulatory scrutiny over industry's environmental and carbon footprint exposes retailers to new and additional pressures.  

Retailers are challenged to solve climate and sustainability related issues, but these are often complex problems that require collaborative approaches.  

The CSR Community provides the platform for retailers to work together and lead the drive for positive sustainable change. We bring together retailers across the board to share insights and influence most relevant green policies for the industry, give you a horizon scan of the most pressing legislative and policy priorities, and facilitate engagement with UK Governments and regulators.  

We've recently supported our members in the implementation of the Plastic Packaging Tax, built industry alignment on mandatory food waste reporting and unlocked pathways for retail decarbonisation by 2040 thanks to the Climate Action Roadmap.

For examples of recent policy wins on behalf of members from this and other communities, check out our Member Value Statement.


Within the CSR Community are the following Working Groups:

  • Climate Action Roadmap: sign up to our industry commitment to net zero by 2040 and engage in our five pathways to decarbonise your footprint, improve energy efficiency, shift to zero carbon logistics and sustainable sourcing, as well as enable low-carbon lifestyles. To find out more, contact Tracey Banks.

  • Carrier Bag & Single-use plastic legislation group: latest developments on the carrier bag charge and single-use plastic updates. To find out more, contact Nadiya Catel-Arutyunova.

  • Circular Textiles and Clothing Working Group: updates on forthcoming policy and regulatory changes in the UK affecting the fashion industry. To find out more, contact Sophie De Salis.

  • Ethical Labour Working Group: updates on latest ethical labour developments in supply chain, including human rights due diligence and modern slavery. To find out more, contact Sophie De Salis.

  • Deposit Return Scheme Group: insights and updates on the introduction of Deposits Return Schemes across the UK, including support and advice on the implementation of a DRS in Scotland from August 2023. To find out more, contact Nadiya Catel-Arutyunova.

  • Packaging Working Group: includes industry work on the ongoing packaging reform in the UK (packaging EPR) and wider discussion on sustainable packaging, recycled content, plastic packaging tax, and non-food packaging applications. To find out more, contact Nadiya Catel-Arutyunova.

  • Forest Risk Commodity Working Group: focus on the sustainable sourcing of forest risk commodities and updates on upcoming deforestation regulations. To find out more, contact Sophie De Salis.

  • WEEE and Batteries Working Group: focus on recycling of electric and electronic products, as well as batteries updates, work of the forthcoming WEEE Regulations review, retail takebacks, DTS. To find out more, contact Nadiya Catel-Arutyunova.


  • CSR & Sustainability and ESG Experts Directors
  •  Ethical Trade Managers
  • Policy and Public Affairs Executives
  • Responsible Sourcing specialists
  • Environment Managers
  • Associate Members

Community Managers

Sophie De Salis

Sustainability Policy Adviser

Sophie leads on ethical labour, responsible sourcing of commodities, and circular textiles.

Email Sophie De Salis for more information.



Climate Action Programme Manager

Tracey leads our work under the Climate Action Roadmap, coordinates signatories’ work under each pathway and engagement with the key partners.

Email Tracey Banks for more information.