In 2016, we set out a vision for Better Jobs, with an aspiration for retail to be a leader in diversity and inclusion (D&I). 

In 2021, through our HR Community and in partnership with The MBS Group and PwC, we surveyed over 200 retailers large and small to better understand both executive-level D&I and the perceptions of the wider workforce. Responding to the insights from this research, we have created a D&I Charter, focusing on oversight, recruitment, progression, reporting, inclusivity and responsibility. Approaching 80 companies have already pledged to adhere to this charter as they strive to challenge culture and biases where prevalent and embed D&I into every aspect of their business, with more joining all the time.

In July 2022, the BRC and The MBS Group launched the second Diversity & Inclusion in UK Retail report. 

The second edition of the research provides unique insight into the current state of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the UK retail industry. The report is based on dozens of interviews with CEOs, HRDs, and Chairs across the industry. It provides an update on the diversity of leadership teams as well as progress on D&I strategies and initiatives since the first report in 2021. 

The report also provides detail on the progress of the BRC’s D&I Charter, so we would like to thank those who responded to the survey and engaged in the valuable roundtables delivered in partnership with RPC. This data is a real breakthrough for the retail industry. Your collaboration and dedication to the initiative are extremely appreciated and a driver of change. 

The findings of the report and the growth of the Charter are a testament to the widespread focus on D&I which is now much higher than was even the case only a year ago. The percentage of those with a D&I strategy in The MBS Group’s research has increased to 91%. 

However, there is still a lot to work on, with little or no progress in some metrics, including only marginal shifts in ethnicity and gender at senior levels. The collection of meaningful data, particularly on more sensitive areas like ethnicity, sexuality and disability remains the exception rather than the rule. 

BRC remains optimistic that through collaboration, businesses engaging and involving their employees, change can be delivered, and we look forward to working with you on that journey. 

Download the report below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Luiza Paludo Gomes ( to discuss any of BRC’s D&I initiatives.


  1. Our CEO will be accountable for Diversity and Inclusion in our business and will appoint an Executive with ownership for D&I
  2. We will ensure there is no bias in the recruitment process and will Undertake a transparent process of audit
  3. We will take positive action that supports open career opportunity and progression and will undertake a transparent process of audit
  4. We commit to Contributing data on our diversity in the workplace which will feed in to the BRC Better Jobs dashboard
  5. We commit to create a respectful, inclusive work environment within which every employee has the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the company’s vision and values
  6. We believe supporting equity in the workplace is the responsibility of all line managers



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