As property costs continue to rise, it is increasingly important to identify opportunities to minimise costs, be it freezing business rates, securing longer-term taxation reform and improving relationships with landlords.

Powers are also increasingly being devolved locally and retailers are working to derive more value from local partnerships.

The Property Community gives members the opportunity to shape the debate and tackle the issues collaboratively, effectively influencing government, landlords and the broader property landscape.


  • Property Directors
  • Estate Managers
  • Business Rates Managers




Support a successful retail industry transformation in the use of property   Maintain momentum on fundamental reform of, and secure incremental improvements to business rates

 Delivering for members 

  • Saving the industry £210m in business rates through a move from Retail Price Index to Consumer Price Index 
  • Securing more frequent rates revaluations from 2021
  • Removing the future requirement for costly rates self-assessments
  • Working to improve Check, Challenge, Appeal system
  • Delivering a £12m per year business rates saving once Scottish parity restored with Large Business Supplement in England
  • Publishing a Making a Success of Devolution guide for members