Digital transformation is the key to future success for retailers. It’s a big issue for retail CEOs, who admit they are not fully prepared, which creates opportunities, as well as significant operational and reputational risks. 

The BRC is working with its members to drive a step-change in approach to digital transformation. Working together, our members will go further and faster to maximise the opportunities presented by digital transformation and mitigate the risks. We’ll drive this by:

  • Curating a wealth of digital thought-leadership from our expert partners and Associate Members
  • Convening forums with members and other stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of best practice
  • Gathering and sharing data and insights on key digital KPIs
  • Putting digital at the heart of our industry-leading learning and leadership programmes.

Our Digital Transformation Change Programme has four workstreams:

Customer experience

An engaging, consistent, personalised customer journey, regardless of channel, is imperative.  Through this workstream, we will help members:

  • Maximise the return on marketing spend by tracking end-to-end performance by acquisition channel
  • Tailor the customer journey cost-effectively across channels, including segmentation, personalisation, communication, promotion, inspiration and third-party platforms
  • Understanding customer switching behaviours and their propensity to spend across channels, by industry segment

Technology and Infrastructure

A digitally mature business has a coherent technological architecture that enables rapid, data-led decision-making, and the right systems in place to keep data secure. Through this workstream, we will help members:

  • Ensure their businesses are well prepared to deal with cybersecurity threats
  • Make decisions on establishing a flexible, integrated digital ecosystem and understand the trade-offs of new vs. Legacy vs. Overlay technology.
  • Provide guidance on emerging technology as a source of competitive advantage, within the context of current, emerging and future industry trends.

Talent and Skills

The future success of the retail industry depends on attracting and retaining the best digital talent and developing digital skills among colleagues at all levels. Yet the industry is some way behind where it needs to be. Through this workstream, we will help members:

  • Understand the barriers to attracting specialist digital talent
  • Identify the skills gaps in their business
  • Develop and retain their best talent

Leadership and Culture

‘Digital-first' is a culture. It isn’t just a team in a business. It needs to run throughout each and every team, at every level. Through this workstream, we will help members:

  • Learn from experts and each other, articulate and celebrate best practice digital leadership and culture, and find solutions to the barriers to success
  • Decide where to invest capital and senior-level time
  • Explore what leadership in Digital transformation looks like and how to bring the organisation along


We are looking for partners to work with us on this change programme, providing the thought leadership and expertise to support the retail community in better meeting the digital needs of its customers and clients. To find out more, view our Partnership Brochure.