Alternatives to fossil fuel will be key to helping the retail sector meet its net zero ambition. Nuclear, hydrogen and biofuels will all play a part but the BRC has been clear to government that renewables, including wind, solar and water power, will be key.

Our renewables pathway takes a wide-ranging look at energy and energy efficiency. We are currently working with members and lobbying to address:

  • Cost concerns allied to the recent hike in energy prices and support for business
  • Availability of renewables as demand increases. We have been particularly addressing concerns about the price of Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin
  • Creating the right tax environment to enable retailers to invest in low carbon power solutions

Our pathway partner Amber has also been working with retailers on off-site PPA agreements as well as supporting on on-site solutions such as solar panels. 

Net Zero Buildings

It is important to ensure that our stores, offices and warehousing operations are as energy efficient and low carbon as possible. We have been working with Mitsubishi Electric, specialist suppliers of heating, ventilation ad refrigeration systems to help members develop their energy saving strategies.

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During 2023 we were consultees with the Better Buildings Partnership as they develop their green-lease toolkit.

If you are a BRC Climate Action Roadmap signatory you can join our Renewables Pathway Steering Group. Contact Nicki Hunt for details.