Public attitude surveys show that over 80% of people view climate change as an important issue. Consumers are increasingly aware of the carbon footprint of their products, the impacts of the companies supplying them and the circular economy.

But BRC research with global consultancy OC&C Strategy found that whilst consumers are willing to change some behaviours to reduce their carbon impact, not all of these actions deliver big reductions.

Top three actions consumers are prepared to take2:

  • Bringing own carrier bags to store
  • Recycling at home
  • Reducing household food waste

Three actions that consumers are least prepared to take:

  • Rent products
  • Reduce animal products
  • Recycle products in store

Top three actions that would deliver the biggest carbon reduction:

  • Reduce animal products
  • Reduce meat products
  • Recycle at Home

To drive carbon reduction, the Climate Action Roadmap will be helping retailers to address the gap with consumers to make it easier to adopt lower carbon lifestyles.

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The retail sectors employs around 3million people in the UK and each one can have their own individual impact on carbon reduction both at home and in the business. The Energy Saving Trust publishes a helpful checklist on helping to save energy in the business.