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The BRC's Climate Action Roadmap is the retail industry's commitment to deliver net zero in their own operations and the products they sell by 2040. A very ambitious initiative, it will make a huge contribution to the UK's overall climate strategy, particularly reducing carbon in the products we buy that account for nearly a third of household emissions. 

The Roadmap has the support of the vast majority of UK retailers from the largest stores to small chains, on the high street and online. They have come together to find collective, practical solutions to the challenge of reducing carbon, working with suppliers and consumers to deliver net zero via five pathways. Click below for the latest resources and support for each pathway:

  1. Putting greenhouse gas data at the core of business decision making
  2. Operating efficient sites powered by renewable energy
  3. Moving to low carbon logistics
  4. Sustainable sourcing
  5. Helping our employees and customers to live low carbon lifestyles.

Updates, new reports and opportunities to engage can all also be found in the Climate Action Roadmap Campaign Hub.

You can read the guiding document for the Climate Action Roadmap below. The document provides information on each of the Pathways, as well as the overall aims and aspirations of the Roadmap

The Climate Action Roadmap Showcase is a new initiative to celebrate the achievements of retailers in putting their company or supply chains on the path to Net Zero. Submissions to the showcase are open to any signatory of the Climate Action Roadmap.


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