Member-only insight, events and influence


Member-only insight, events and influence

Food Community

Acting responsibly, in the products you sell and the production standards you demand, is essential in maintaining your brand reputation. The added complexity and uncertainty of Brexit creates additional challenges for supply chains as they adapt to new controls and regulatory changes.

The Food Community brings food retailers together to tackle these issues and influence policy.


  • Corporate Affairs Executives
  • Labelling and Food Safety Advisers
  • Technical Directors
  • Nutritionists
  • Sustainable Sourcing Advisers and Agricultural Experts




Enhancing and protecting your brands   Shaping the obesity strategy to limit the impact of interventions on price and promotions

 Delivering for members 

  • Insight into future controls on food imports post Brexit including meeting key Whitehall officials
  • Ensuring a positive approach to tackling obesity and co-ordinating industry response, including giving evidence to Government and Select Committees
  • Co-ordinated industry responses to CO2 shortage and other food incidents
  • Shaping implementation of the European food labeling regulations
  • Regular meetings with the Chair and CEO of the FSA to discuss preparations for Brexit, handling of food incidents and future enforcement

Community Manager

Andrew Opie

Director of Food and Sustainability

Andrew has been with the BRC for 13 years and was at the NFU in a senior role before that. He has an extensive network of contacts, knows how to influence Government and respond to the media.

Contact Andrew by email.