Acting responsibly, in the products you sell and the production standards you demand, is essential in maintaining your brand reputation. That not only means compliance with legislation but also an awareness of policy on nutrition and sourcing.

The Food Community brings food retailers together to give visibility of changes in legislation and policy, horizon scan for risks and imminent problems in supply chains and the latest insight from Government departments and the FSA. 

Our recent guidance on complying with HFSS regulations and changes to labelling are industry leading. Our calls provide a safe space for members to discuss and deal with food incidents as they arrive.

For examples of recent policy wins on behalf of members from this and other communities, check out our Member Value Statement.

working groups

Within the Food Community are the following Working Groups. 

  • Nutrition Group: Latest updates on obesity policy from all UK Governments, reformulation and labelling contact Andrea Martinez-Inchausti.

  • Labelling and Legislation Group: All consumer information including labelling changes and allergen declarations contact Andrea Martinez-Inchausti.

  • Microbiology Group: Updates on FSA interventions on listeria, salmonella and campylobacter – contact Devina Sankhla.

  • Emerging Risks and Chemical Contaminants Group:  Horizon scanning risks in the supply chain, incident management and the latest updates from FSA and the National Food Crime Unit – contact Devina Sankhla.

  • Agricultural Group:  Supply chain relationships, AFS and farming policy – contact Andrew Opie.

  • Allergen Group: latest developments with the CODEX review of thresholds and sharing updates from FSA – contact Devina Sankhla.


  • Corporate Affairs Executives
  • Labelling and Food Safety Advisers
  • Technical Directors
  • Nutritionists
  • Sustainable Sourcing Advisers and Agricultural Experts
  • Associate Members

Community Manager

Andrew Opie

Director of Food and Sustainability

Andrew has been with the BRC for 17 years and was at the NFU in a senior role before that. He has an extensive network of contacts across Government and stakeholders in food production and NGOs which means he knows what is happening and changing across the whole supply chain He also leads our media responses on food, knows how to influence Government and respond to the media.

Contact Andrew by email.