Finding an appropriate regulatory balance between privacy and innovation, private and public enforcement of consumer and other policies is important for a competitive market for consumers. 

Through our Legal Community, BRC Retail and Associate Members engage with officials and agencies such as Competition and Markets Authority and Information Commissioner’s Office responsible for legislative/policy proposals on data protection, consumer protection, enforcement, competition, ecommerce, internet of things and more. 

For examples of recent policy wins on behalf of members from this and other communities, check out our Member Value Statement.

working groups

There are no formal working groups but we do have dedicated meetings on data protection; consumer protection; competition; enforcement; and regulatory approaches.


  • Legal Directors 
  • Senior Executives/Managers covering Data Protection, Consumer Affairs, Trading Standards, Compliance, Risk and Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Policy & Public Affairs
  • E-Commerce Directors
  • Associate Members

Community Manager

Graham Wynn

Assistant Director for Consumer,
E-Commerce and Regulatory Affairs

Graham joined the BRC in 2001 and has built up an extensive network in departments and agencies which he can call on for information, advice and to make submissions on policy proposals. He was Chairman of the EuroCommerce Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee for 10 years, having first lobbied in the EU in 1979. Prior to the BRC he worked on BBC local radio; was Secretary General of an international political organisation; and Head of Policy and the Shadow Cabinet Secretariat of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Contact Graham by email.