Our mission is to make a positive difference to the retail industry and the customers it serves, today and in the future

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The BRC’s purpose is to make a positive difference to the retail industry and the customers it serves, today and in the future.

Retail is an exciting, dynamic and diverse industry. It is a driving force in our economy, a hotbed of innovation and the UK’s largest private sector employer. Retailers touch the lives of millions of people every day, supporting the vibrancy of the communities they operate in.

The industry today is going through a period of profound change. Technology is transforming how people shop; costs are increasing; and growth in consumer spending is slow.

Retailing will continue to evolve and advance. Online retail will continue to grow as retailers invest in new emerging technologies; there will be fewer stores and those stores remaining will offer new experiences; there will be fewer, but better jobs and a career in retail in the future will be very different to today.

We are committed to ensuring the industry thrives through this period of transformation.

We tell the story of retail, work with our members to drive positive change and use our expertise and influence to create an economic and policy environment that enables retail businesses to thrive and consumers to benefit.

We do this in a way that delivers value back to our members, justifying their investment in the BRC. This membership comprises over 5,000 businesses delivering £180bn of retail sales and employing over one and half million employees. 

At any one time we have two or three priority campaigns and are working on over 40 topics to influence the issues that matter to our members.

The BRC gives us an opportunity to benchmark and keep abreast with our retail colleagues, provides easy access to government policy makers, and collates an ‘industry’ view, which can then have influence and impact.

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Public policy is impacting on the retail industry on many fronts – without BRC membership it would not be possible for us to maintain awareness and influence the outcome.


Even when we only have limited influence on legal/regulatory changes, the early warning of change and ongoing updates from the BRC mean that we are able to plan our response with the maximum possible window.

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The BRC is an important, collective shield and advocate in uncertain times.


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