Brexit, Retail Crime, Workforce, Sustainability and Business Rates and Taxation were on the top of the list in 2019.

Here are just some of our most popular news articles, blogs, webinars and podcasts covering these and other issues over the past 12 months.

Our Retail Insight and Analytics and Events also topped the list of most viewed content. Check it out to see what you might be missing.

top 10 News articles and blogs

  1. There were just too many to list here, so you can see more in our Brexit Resources Centre
  2. Our Retail Manifesto: A Vision for the UK Retail Industry
  3. £19bn Cost of Retail Crime
  4. UK Retail Calls on Government to Act on Violence and Abuse Against Retail Workers
  5. Over 50 Retailers Demand Chancellor Fix Business Taxation
  6. BRC Calls for Action on Card Fees
  7. Members Leading the Way in Responsible Consumption and Production
  8. We Need a Deposit Return Scheme that Works for Everyone 
  9. Making Apprenticeships Work for Retail
  10. Retail is More than Working in a Shop

Most popular podcasts

  1. All of our Brexit podcasts
  2. Our Reinvention Retail Series reporting back from the year 2030: Change, Collaboration and CommunityNew ways of workingTechnology and HumanityThe Tech RevolutionThe High Street, Stores and Shopping 
  3. Optimising the Online Customer Journey
  4. Putting the Intelligence into AI


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  1. Brexit: Implications for VAT and Indirect Taxes
  2. Brexit: Tech’s New Frontier for Cross Border Trade
  3. Navigating the Future of Work 
  4. National Minimum Wage: Identifying and Mitigating Risk 
  5. Payments: The Impact of Friendly Fraud
  6. The Financial Impact of a Cyber Attack
  7. GDPR One Year On: What Retailers Should Be Considering Now
  8. Optimising the Online Customer Journey
  9. Predicting Risk in Retail
  10. Retail Facts, Stats and Trends: Quarterly Webinar for Associate Members