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The retail environment is evolving at a fast pace. There are many challenges but also opportunities for international growth and brand-building across multiple channels. Are you ready for them?

Any retail business will be familiar with a range of challenges from changing tax rules and supply chain optimisation to data management and increased margin pressures. Hiring and retaining skilled people has also never been tougher. And embracing the ESG agenda needs to be handled right, or you may face reputational risks.

Retailers that can navigate these multiple pressures while also increasing value through the opportunities at hand is the business that will survive.

How we help our clients

Modern retail businesses need both local support and global scale to grow. Our retail and e-commerce team operates across the UK and in 130 countries – we're there to support you, wherever you need us. Many of our specialists have worked in industry and bring real experience and insights to the table.

We understand your concerns, and combine industry expertise with technical capabilities to help you maximise shareholder value while managing risk. We will help you to reduce costs and identify investment opportunities to strengthen revenue and enhance value.

Some of the services we offer are: