address 450 Phillip Street
Ontario Canada
N2L 5J2

Axonify is the proven workforce enablement solution that gives employees everything they need to learn, connect, and get things done.

It starts with brain science and AI to drive knowledge retention through bite-sized microlearning and daily intelligent reinforcement. Embedded two-way communication and feedback ensure your staff is engaged and informed, no matter the scale of your organisation. Guided task management meanwhile shows employees exactly how to put their training to use, every single shift.

With an industry-leading 83 percent engagement rate, Axonify is used by companies to deliver next-level customer experience, higher sales, improved workplace safety, and lower turnover.Axonify enables over 3.5 million frontline workers in 160-plus countries, in over 250 companies including Coop, Kroger, Walmart, and Levi's.

Founded in 2011, Axonify is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario Canada.