The rapid global spread of COVID19 in the last few months has triggered significant and abrupt changes in the global and national economy, and is having significant impacts on retail. Exceptional government measures also bring with the potentially transformational implications for our industry, as well as society in general.

With the situation developing so rapidly, and the changes affecting us all so broadly, it's difficult to get a clear picture of what is going on. On May 19, BRC will be hosting it's quarterly insights webinar, this time focusing on the impacts COVID19 has had in the February - April period.

BRC Head of Insights and Analytics, Kyle Monk, and Retail Sales Monitor Manager, Anne Alexandre, will be delving into the latest stats, facts and trends from the industry to help you get a better idea of what has happening in the industry, and what may be to come in the following months.

It's a webinar crucial for your business, and is free for BRC Members.

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