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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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Total emissions

Based on Defra figures for the UK’s carbon footprint, the total lifecycle footprint of goods sold annually in the UK, excluding vehicle and fuel sales, is approximately 215 MtCO2e.[11] 

Fuel sales, not included in this figure, are also a key contributor to UK retailer emissions. Emissions from the UK fuel market are approximately 100 MtCO2e each year. Grocery retailers account for almost 50%[12] of these sales, adding an additional ~50 MtCO2e to the retail carbon footprint.

Figure 2.2: Annual UK retail emissions; by sector, based on goods sold including use phase
(excludes sales of vehicles or fuel). Authors’ calculations based on Official Statistics: UK's carbon footprint

[11] Data download consumption emissions 1997-2017, ONS [Accessed September 2020]
[12] Market share of motor fuel sold in petrol stations in the United Kingdom in 2019, by brand, Statista [Accessed September 2020]