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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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Pathways for decarbonisation

To achieve the net zero targets, supporting retailers will pursue action on a series of five pathways that will drive the decarbonisation of the retail industry. These pathways have been designed to highlight the role of the retail industry alongside requirements from government to enable the decarbonisation journey.   


The pathways for decarbonisation and milestones listed do not represent targets for individual retailers. The pathways set out areas to be addressed by the industry, society, and the economy as a whole, including suppliers and customers, and with the backing of government. As shown in Figure 3.3, Pathways 4 and 5 cover the greatest share of emissions from the retail industry. 

For each pathway, BRC will act to support retailers to lead in delivering and enabling the transitions, including through the creation of industry working groups, to focus effort and resources where collaborative action is essential for success.

Figure 3.3 – Breakdown of emissions across Pathways 2-5.