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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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Role of the BRC

BRC Members have highlighted the need for coordinated efforts to ensure that action is consistent and to avoid duplication in shared supply chains. The BRC will focus on the following:

1)   Embedding the Climate Action Roadmap in the industry

Greenhouse gas impacts must be at the core of decision-making processes across the industry. The BRC will actively promote and build support for the Roadmap to help that. The BRC will also seek to share the approach and discoveries internationally, in order to encourage coordinated effort from the global retail industry to decarbonise supply chains.

2)   Coordinate greenhouse gas data programmes for retailers

Collecting greenhouse gas data will be a key driver of action for retailers, however this is currently difficult due to lack of standardisation or harmonisation of data structuring and collection. As part of the working group for this pathway, the BRC will work with retailers and suppliers to develop a coordinated data programme – allowing retailers and suppliers to communicate and record greenhouse gas data in a consistent manner, avoiding duplication across shared supply chains.

3)   Define standards for retail industry’s approach to offsetting

As discussed in ’Offsetting and carbon removals,’ there is limited standardisation or definition of ‘high quality’ offsets at present. As part of the Roadmap for this pathway, the BRC will seek to define consistent standards for the retail industry, concerning which methods of offsetting can be considered valid and high quality.