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Guide to Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction in the Retail Industry

Signatories to the BRC Climate Action Roadmap have committed to Net Zero emissions from purchased electricity by 2030 and Net Zero emissions from direct operations by 2035.

This Guide, produced in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, offers advice and ideas for retailers in improving energy efficiency and reducing their business carbon footprint.

It includes key actions retailers, of all types and sizes, can take to reduce their energy output, offers advice on maintenance and performance, low-carbon technologies and where to go to get further help and information.


We help organisations to look at the bigger picture, by striking a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and preserving our environment. Businesses, governments, the financial community and other stakeholders see the 2020s as the decade for action, with major new commitments to achieving Net Zero emissions. We’re proud to help our clients to have a positive impact, drawing on our deep expertise to assess the risks and harness the opportunities. Acting responsibly is no longer a choice - it’s a business imperative. To find out more about how we can help your organisation, visit our website.