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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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Role of the BRC

BRC’s members have highlighted the particular need for coordination and industry-level support to enable the shift to low carbon logistics. BRC’s role will change over the course of the implementation of this Roadmap by the industry, and to begin with there are two target areas to focus on:

1.   Industry to identify and adopt preferential solutions to rapidly decarbonise HGVs 

Over the course of developing the Roadmap, logistics has repeatedly risen to the top of discussions with contributing BRC members. As this section explains, it is a complex area with some significant questions over its future direction. BRC is perfectly placed to support its membership and the wider industry by providing a coordinating function that will identify the industry’s key requirements and take steps to advance the agenda, which must take account of the need for compatibility with systems in continental Europe to facilitate international shipments. The scope and priorities of this work will be determined by the Group once established, but are sure to include outreach to sector bodies and other active organisations refererenced in this section.

2.   Facilitating progress on logistics network and route sharing

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen UK retailers step up to support the entire nation, to ensure essential goods reach the population during such disrupted and troubling times. Over the course of 2020, the experience has shown significant opportunity for greater collaboration to optimise goods transportation. As a subset of activities from the logistics working group, the BRC could use its access to the membership and understanding of the industry to explore how it can facilitate greater collaboration on an ongoing basis.