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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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Role of the BRC

The BRC’s members have highlighted the need for coordination and industry-level support to enable the shift to low carbon raw materials. BRC’s role will change over the course of the implementation of this Roadmap by the industry, and to begin with will focus on three target areas:

1.   Work with key UK industry associations to align net zero ambitions 

Delivery of a net zero economy will depend on sectors working together towards this common goal. BRC should engage with peer industry associations to establish how they could best support members to accelerate the adoption of low carbon practices and technologies.

2.   Support the development of guidance on carbon removals and markets

Carbon removals projects and carbon markets are likely to play a role within the sector’s response to climate change, particularly where there are proximities or direct links to retail supply chains. These approaches are acknowledged to present challenges – and it is critical that investment delivers verifiable, permanent, and additional carbon reductions. The BRC should support initiatives such as the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets to enable responsible use of these approaches.

3.   Convene global retail support for low carbon raw materials

As the UK seeks to take a global leadership position on issues such as deforestation and net zero raw materials, the BRC should seek to influence other retailers internationally to build demand for these solutions.