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Helping Customers Live Low-Carbon Lifestyles: A Practical Guide for Retailers

A key element of our Climate Action Roadmap, designed to help get the UK retail industry to Net Zero by 2040, is helping customers to live low-carbon lifestyles.

The products customers buy account for nearly a third of each household’s carbon emissions, so helping consumers to make better choices is a crucial element of our Net Zero ambitions.

Developed with our Roadmap Pathway 5 Partner, PwC, this Guide offers ideas and examples on how retailers can help their customers to make more sustainable choices when they buy, use and dispose of their purchases.

It offers practical advice and guidance on:

  • WHO the different types of customers are when it comes to living a low-carbon lifestyle
  • WHY customers would change their behaviours…or not
  • WHAT the best practices are to help change customer behaviour
  • HOW organisations can build internal capacity to implement these best practices

We hope this Guide will stimulate discussion and action in every retail business, as we help customers on our shared journey towards Net Zero.


Hear from the Guide's authors, PwC's Emma Gregory and Tom Beagent on some key findings:

Thank you to PwC, our Pathway 5 Partner

We help organisations to look at the bigger picture, by striking a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and preserving our environment. Businesses, governments, the financial community and other stakeholders see the 2020s as the decade for action, with major new commitments to achieving Net Zero emissions. We’re proud to help our clients to have a positive impact, drawing on our deep expertise to assess the risks and harness the opportunities. Acting responsibly is no longer a choice - it’s a business imperative. To find out more about how we can help your organisation, visit our website.