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Climate Action Roadmap

Climate Action Roadmap

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Next steps for the Climate Action Roadmap

The Climate Action Roadmap will adapt and evolve as the industry pursues implementation, together with its industry partners and government. 

Updating the Roadmap

The Climate Action Roadmap will be reviewed at least annually and will be updated to reflect:

  • Changes to the make up of the sector and the climate impact hotspots.
  • Changes to technologies, including to reflect the acceleration of availability of new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Updated climate science, to ensure that the Roadmap stays in line with the actions necessary to limit global heating.
  • Evolving public policy, including changes to regulatory requirements.
  • Changes to initiatives, including whether key initiatives maintain the pace of change needed to deliver on the Roadmap targets.

BRC will support the Roadmap’s delivery

BRC recognises that it has an important role to play in supporting retailers and their partners to deliver on the Roadmap. BRC will establish working groups of retailers to drive progress in each of the pathways. It will help the industry to engage with government and industry partners and stakeholders to drive decarbonisation. And it will support the industry to track and report its progress in delivering on its decarbonisation ambitions.

How to get involved

The delivery of the industry’s net zero ambitions requires wide engagement from retailers, the industry’s partners, government and customers. BRC invites organisations wanting to support the Roadmap to get in touch at