General Election 2024 | BRC calls on Parliamentary candidates to #BuyintoRetail

Ahead of July's General Election, we're calling on candidates to get behind their local retail industry by supporting the BRC's #BuyIntoRetail pledge. 


The UK's retail industry is one of the most dynamic and vibrant in the world. As the 'everywhere economy' - with a presence in every community in the country - retail is uniquely positioned to drive growth, provide high skilled, well paid jobs and support the journey to net zero and a circular economy through innovation. 

Retail already makes a huge contribution to the UK:

    • Contributing £91.9bn to the economy every year
    • Investing £17bn+ annually
    • Productivity growth outstrips the national average (4.8% vs 1.9%)
    • Raising £540m for good causes in 2022
    • And much, much more - see our Manifesto for Retail for more information

There is significant potential for retail to do even more. The vision for the future of retail sees a net zero, digitally transformed industry investing more in communities and technology to support growth, delivering better paid, higher skilled jobs and innovating for a greener tomorrow. An industry which plays a key role in re-energised high streets and town centres and continues to deliver one of the best shopping experiences for consumers in the world. 

This is why we are calling on candidates to pledge to #BuyIntoRetail, because our industry can:

    • Unlock economic growth, everywhere, in every village, town and city, right across the UK
    • As the largest private sector employer, supporting 20% of UK workers, retail can provide highly skilled, more productive and better paid jobs for the future
    • And, as it can help the UK achieve a greener tomorrow by driving innovation and supporting a circular economy


The following candidates have pledged their support to #BuyIntoRetail. 

Andrew Jenkins
Plaid Cymru candidate for Neath and Swansea East

Barry Holliday
Liberal Democrat candidate for Mid Debryshire

Chloe Louise-Reilly
Green candidate for Tynemouth

Clive Jones
Liberal Democrat candidate for Wokingham

Helen Maguire
Liberal Democrat candidate for Epsom & Ewell

Henry Batchelor
Liberal Democract candidate for West Suffolk

Henry Wright
Liberal Democrat candidate for Reading Central

Kayleigh Halpin
Liberal Democract candidate for Liverpool West and Derby

Kristy Adams
Conservative candidate for Mid Sussex

Luigi Gregori
Liberal Democract candidate for Basingstoke & Deane

Mike Massimi
Liberal Democract candidate for Coventry East

Sir Peter Bottomley
Conservative candidate for Worthing West

Stewart Goshawk
Green candidate for Basildon & Billericay

William Powell
Liberal Democract candidate for Monmouthsire