Cutting the carbon from inbound and outbound transport miles is important for retailers. But with technologies and alternative fuels still evolving and a big investment, how can you make the switch and what alternatives are available to road transport? 

Asda has made the transition to bio-gas for its HGV fleet, placing the largest ever order for alternative fuel HGVs in the UK. C02 emissions have been reduced by 50,000 tonnes in recent years. Sean Clifton, Senior Manager, National Fleets at Asda will talk about their decision to make this ambitious commitment. 

Tesco operates a large fleet of electric vehicles for its deliveries. Find out from Bryony Waugh, Tesco’s Acting Head of Environment, about the switch to EVs, management of efficiency measures and also how the retailer is moving logistics away from road and on to the more environmentally-friendly rail network.


  • Nicki Hunt, BRC
  • Bryony Waugh, Tesco
  • Sean Clifton, Asda

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A big thank you to Tesco and Asda and to everyone who joined.