This webinar forms part of 2023's Climate Action Week series.

The fashion industry has a significant impact on our environment, representing up to 10% of global CO2 emissions, 70% of which come from upstream activities. Downstream emissions and waste are also rising rapidly, driven by the e-commerce boom and growing returns rates in the fashion category. These sources of emissions pose big challenges to retailers, both environmentally and financially.

A serious rethink and redesign of fashion value chains, from sourcing and manufacturing to point-of-sale and thereafter, is needed if the fashion industry is to decarbonise successfully.  

In this webinar, Roland Berger Partners Siobhan Gehin (UK Head of Retail and Consumer) and Richard Federowski (Global Head of Fashion) present insights on why changes in product design, materials, and sourcing are needed to address sustainability issues in fashion, and how data analytics and digital tools can be used to help reduce fashion returns.

They also share insights from a recently conducted Roland Berger study that analysed more than 84 million social media posts, e-commerce sites, forums, and blogs across 14 countries to understand the drivers for increased sustainability prioritization, both consumer pressure and regulatory pressure.

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