For retailers and the manufacturers that supply them, business growth depends on a productive agricultural sector. To meet consumer demand for sustainable, locally sourced produce, British farmers are required to deliver large, high-quality yields with a smaller carbon footprint on the same (or less) acreage.

RSK ADAS founded the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) to help farmers overcome this challenge. By closely measuring a farm’s crop performance throughout the year, and then comparing that data with hundreds of other farms, YEN can identify farming inefficiencies and share effective cultivating strategies.

Since its founding, the YEN has helped thousands of farmers improve production, maximise yields, and reduce carbon emissions. The current world record holder for top wheat and top barley yield is a long-time YEN member.

Discover more about how the YEN works in this webinar and how it could help your agricultural suppliers become more resilient, more productive, and even more environmentally friendly.

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