The BRC Climate Action Roadmap is the industry-led initiative designed to get the UK retail industry, and its supply chains, to Net Zero by 2040.

The Roadmap has 5 key Pathways. This webinar is linked to Pathway 4, focused on helping retailers tackle emissions in the supply chain.

In partnership with IBM, our Pathway 4 Partner, we have produced a new Guide "Monitor, Measure and Report Supply Chain Scope 3 Emissions".

More than 90% of retailers’ Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are generated within global supply chains. Known as Scope 3 emissions, these are outside of retailers’ direct control.

Being able to track, measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions therefore represents one of the biggest challenges for UK retailers. But we must tackle this issue if we are to get the whole of the UK retail industry to Net Zero by 2040.

The Guide explains more about Scope 3, provides frameworks and strategies for how retailers can gain better visibility and improve reporting of their Scope 3 emissions; and how retailers can work with supply chain partners to identify where and how to achieve the greatest reductions.

During this webinar, we walked colleagues through the Guide and explained how retailers can use it within their own organisation and in conjunction with their supply chain partners. 


Didn’t get a chance to join us live? No problem, you can watch the event on-demand:

  • Monitor, Measure and Report Supply Chain Scope 3 Emissions Webinar. View>>

Thanks to IBM partner and everyone who joined.