Current efforts to reduce GHG emissions in retail are likely insufficient to ensure that the BRC’s NetZero targets can be met by 2040. Pressures to accelerate decarbonization activities in retail are mounting – from consumers, policy makers, standard setters, and investors alike. 

BRC’s new Roadmap partners AlixPartners and Mondra introduced the next phase of the agenda for Pathway 1 in a new workshop: “Putting GHG data at the heart of business decision making”. In this session, we explored the key business drivers for data-driven climate action and surfaced the commercial value propositions for product-level carbon footprinting as an enabler for meaningful Scope 3 reduction and improved business performance. 

Moving beyond corporate level carbon accounting, product footprinting at scale can accelerate Scope 3 reduction. Unlocking new value propositions that have the potential to offset, if not cover, the cost of decarbonization. Retailers equipped with product footprinting insight are better positioned for the carbon economy transition, ready to manage changes in margin & volume and to distribute the cost of change across the value chain.


Didn’t get a chance to join us live? No problem, you can watch the event on-demand.

A big thank you to our Event Partners at Mondra and AlixPartners, and to everyone who joined.