Low carbon shipping and rail freight offer the best opportunities to decarbonise our transportation supply chains. So how can retailers make more use of these options to reduce their carbon impact?

Our report with partners BearingPoint examines the options for low carbon shipping, the future technologies coming on line and the infrastructure the UK government will need to put in place to enable retailers to substantially cut their emissions. With global competitor markets making huge investments in their port infrastructure, the UK needs to move fast to follow suit. 

In examining a greater role for rail freight, BearingPoint pinpoints low carbon rail technologies but also highlights how retailers need to be influencing government to increase network capacity, improve infrastructure and better balance passenger and freight traffic. With each rail freight journey removing over 70 HGVs from the UK's roads, opportunities to reduce Scope 3 emissions are significant as we head towards the retail sector's ambition of net zero by 2040.

You can read the report below and for further information contact Richard Walters richard.walters@bearingpoint.com or Jess Davies jessica.davies@bearingpoint.com

You can also revisit our Climate Action Week webinar on shipping and rail freight with the BearingPoint team here