Five years ago, we set out a vision for Better Jobs and aspired for retail to be a diversity & inclusion leader. We have seen good progress since then at both industry and company level, some companies have been able to move more rapidly than others to adapt to the emerging challenges and attain the best possible outcomes.

Over the last nine months, through the BRC’s HR Community we have taken a deeper dive to understand the true state of diversity and inclusion in UK Retail and were delighted to join forces with The MBS Group and PwC to hold a mirror up to the retail industry.

This joint report shows the results of the data gathered from more than 200 retailers of scale right across the industry, with a focus on the top three leadership levels: Board, executive committee and direct reports. The findings come with insights from conversations with more than 100 Chairs, CEOs and HR Directors.

Our D&I Charter focuses on oversight, recruitment, progression, reporting, inclusivity and responsibility – helping retailers challenge their culture and biases holistically and embed D&I into every aspect of their business.

BRC D&I Charter

1)   Our CEO will be accountable for Diversity and Inclusion in our business and will appoint an Executive with ownership for D&I

2)   We will ensure there is no bias in the recruitment process and will Undertake a transparent process of audit

3)   We will take positive action that supports open career opportunity and progression and will undertake a transparent process of audit

4)   We commit to Contributing data on our diversity in the workplace which will feed in to the BRC Better Jobs dashboard

5)   We commit to create a respectful, inclusive work environment within which every employee has the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the company’s vision and values

6)   We believe supporting equity in the workplace is the responsibility of all line managers


We welcome over 60 retailers who have signed the BRC D&I Charter, pledging their commitment to better our industry.


We are proud to be partnering with RPC, an international law firm with market-leading retail and equality practices to bolster the organisation's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Charter.