North Highland
address North Highland
10 Bloomsbury Way

We’re the Leading Change and Transformation Consultancy, helping businesses transform, with people at the heart of every decision.

No matter what you’re facing, one thing rings true: Tough business challenges are rarely solved with a traditional solution. Fortunately, we’re built to think differently. Uncompromised and unfettered, we bring a diverse blend of industry-leading and cross-discipline expertise to craft your best solution—no matter the challenge. Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Improving the productivity of your teams
  • Modernising your data and technology
  • Building and advancing your capabilities
  • Implementing, managing and driving your programs
  • Prioritising your investments and initiatives

North Highland is proud to be an associate member of the BRC, representing our commitment to the retail and consumer industry. If you would like to discuss your transformation objectives and hear insights and lessons learned from other retail organisations please get in touch.