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At this point there is no certainty on what the outcomes will be for traders, customs and tax practitioners, lawyers, logistics and distribution industry, or for companies either upstream or downstream in the supply chain.

Technical notices and briefings from the UK Government and the Commission have set out what some of the consequences will be for companies from the end of March in the event of no Withdrawal Agreement being approved and implemented.

We’ve put together a suite of materials with everything you need to help you plan for a no-deal Brexit.

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If you’re a member of our Brexit community you can download all of the documents in full. All BRC retail members can join our Brexit community.


Introducing settled Status for EU Citizens

The UK’s decision to leave the EU will bring an end to freedom of movement which currently allows EU citizens to live, work and study in the UK. Our settled status toolkit outlines the rights of EU citizens' and their families post-Brexit, as set out in the current draft Withdrawl Agreement.

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Our flowchart provides a simple overview of the timescales and process.

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Both sides in the negotiations have committed to a form of backstop text – even if they differ on the form it should take. The Protocol on Ireland and its annexes is the part of the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and EU which would come into effect if a hard border with Ireland can’t be avoided. As such, the legal text on the backstop will have to be agreed before any commitments on the nature of the final relationship are signed.

Our briefing outlines, in plain English, what’s in the current draft Protocol, the subsequent amendments proposed by the UK and the key areas of disagreement.

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The Government has published technical notices setting out its approach in the event of a No-Deal. Our briefings provide a summary of the technical notices with an explanation of the key points and what this may mean for retailers.

Download our briefing in full briefings on:

Tranche 1 technical notices:
Covering customs, tariffs, VAT, and trade.
  Tranche 2 technical notices:
Covering marketing and sale of goods, data, and travel to the Schengen countries.
  Tranche 3 technical notices: Covering food labling, haulage and chemicals

European Commission Brexit Preparedness Notices


BRC Brexit preparedness checklist




The EU has published a set of Brexit Preparedness Notices to companies in the EU in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

See full information here


We’ve put together a check-list to help you work through your continency planning in the case of a No-Deal Brexit. We cover key areas including supply chain and suppliers, logistics, people, regulation, intellectual property and contingency planning

Find out about our checklist


We’ve produced a timeline providing an overview of the process and setting out the key milestones - with likely or possible responses - in the remaining Brexit negotiations.

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Released: 03 December 2018


Released: 02 November 2018


Released: 03 October 2018


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