We want a fair deal for consumers in the forthcoming negotiations with the EU. We believe that promoting the interests of consumers – and we are all consumers – will lead to the fairest settlement for our country as a whole. We argue for neither a hard nor a soft Brexit but believe our efforts should concentrate on mapping out what a smart Brexit looks like.

Ensuring this journey is a positive one requires the Government to lead an orderly and sequenced process, where we renegotiate to continue across the board tariff-free arrangements with the EU before securing new trading relationships with the rest of the world.


The report is an easy-to-understand and accessible aid ahead of the UK’s forthcoming negotiations. It crystallises many of the trade tariff issues that matter to UK consumers. It shows Britain’s current retail import trade relationships, illustrated with data and facts and assesses the journey ahead – a journey which we stress presents both risks and opportunities.

It includes:

  • A digestible ‘road map’ highlighting the need for an orderly and sequenced process that will ensure risks are mitigated and opportunities are seized.
  • A breakdown of food imports and non-food imports by retailers that clearly shows that it is the deal with the EU that matters for food prices and the opportunities for new deal that are important to non-food.
  • A map packed full of information on the UK’s trade relationships, tariffs and the potential threats and opportunities around different products.
  • A handy glossary of Brexit-related terms.


Our A Fair Brexit for Consumers project is also looking at how we can keep prices low for consumers by achieving frictionless customs arrangements; how we can provide certainty for EU colleagues working in the UK; and how we ensure the continuity of existing EU legislation as it transfers to the UK.