The UK enjoys one of the most open, dynamic and competitive retail markets in the world. It enables UK consumers to enjoy extensive choice and great value. The UK’s referendum on its membership of the EU has not changed this. Retailers continue to focus on delivering for their customers day in, day out.

Leaving the EU will be a complicated and long process. A wide range of EU rules, policies and regulations that affect UK retailers will be up for review. Within this, there are a number of opportunities as well as risks. There is potential for lower cost imports on products from the rest of the world but there could be new costs and differing standards between the UK and EU.

Brexit may affect issues as diverse as food labelling, health and safety at work and consumer rights. However its true impact for retailers and the customers they serve will depend on the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU. As a net importer, the UK retail industry must avoid tariffs being applied to consumer goods if it is to thrive in the future.

The BRC will be campaigning to ensure a fair Brexit for consumers, so that retailers can continue to offer great choice and value to their customers by ensuring access to quality, responsibly sourced, safe products from around the world, free of unnecessary costs and charges.

We believe the following principles are therefore vital:

  • Keep Prices Low for Consumers
  • A Fair Deal for EU Colleagues
  • Focus on Growth