What are the key parts of the UK Government’s proposal on the future trading terms with the EU that will affect retail? 


We want a fair deal for consumers from the negotiations with the EU. We believe that promoting the interests of consumers – and we are all consumers – will lead to the fairest settlement for our country as a whole. 

A Fair Brexit For Consumers brings the issues that matter to retailers and customers into focus. It looks at how we can achieve:

• Tariff-free trade
• Customs arrangements that are as frictionless as possible
• Certainty for EU colleagues working in the UK
• The continuity of existing EU legislation as it transfers to the UK 

The Tariff Roadmap focuses on the tariff aspects of Brexit. Ensuring this journey is a positive one requires the Government to lead an orderly and sequenced process, where we renegotiate to continue across the board tariff-free arrangements with the EU before securing new trading relationships with the rest of the world.



The progress made so far in Brexit negotiations by the UK and the EU is encouraging with both sides accepting the importance of a zero-tariff deal. However, there is still work to do to achieve a signed agreement. If the UK leaves the EU with no trade agreement, EU imports will be subject to new tariffs under World Trade Organisation Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff rates.

We have crunched the numbers for what an MFN tariff arrangement could mean for the price of a handful of staple foods for shoppers across the UK.

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what this means in your area


Our Customs Roadmap report sets out the practical challenges and considerations that the UK Government faces in delivering as frictionless trade as possible for consumers on Brexit day and thereafter. 



The People Roadmap considers the role of EU colleagues in both the retail workforce and their supply chains and presents the key steps necessary to provide certainty for EU colleagues now and to ensure the UK’s future immigration system meets the needs of the retail industry and its customers.