Read our stats and facts for the 2016 Christmas trading period.


  • How important is Christmas to the retail sector?
  • What are our current projections for Christmas spending?
  • What are conditions like for customers at the moment?
  • What will sell well this Christmas?
  • How will the food sector do?
  • How much will people be spending?
  • What will be the busiest shopping days in the lead-up to Christmas?
  • What has footfall been like?
  • What impact will there be if it snows?
  • How important will online be this Christmas?
  • When will be the busiest day for online shopping?
  • Has the cost of Christmas gone up compared to last year?
  • When will the Christmas sales start?
  • Is Boxing Day a bigger shopping day than pre-Christmas?
  • Will there be many administrations in the New Year?
  • Employment: What sort of opportunities are in store over Christmas?