Digital Trends

  • Overseas mobile searches for UK brands grew by 18% YoY in Q3 2018. This is slightly up from 17% in Q2.

  • Growth in searches for UK brands were significantly higher from within the EU than from Non-EU Countries.

  • Home & Garden saw YoY growth of 13% for UK mobile users in Q3 2018.

  • The top four general retail searches were all looking for discounts in the UK.

  • Home & Garden saw the highest YoY growth for Overseas mobile searches with 38% in Q3 2018.

  • Luxembourg demonstrated the strongest year on year growth in searches for UK brands from the EU, reporting 30% growth in Q3 2018.

Helen Dickinson OBE, Chief Executive, British Retail Consortium:

“Consumers continue to look for the best deals online as we approach Black Friday. The Google-Online Retail Monitor shows the top four general retail searches are all about consumers looking for discounts.

“There was strong growth in searches for UK brands from international consumers, and this growth was significantly higher from EU countries than elsewhere. If British companies are to capitalise on this increased interest within the EU, it will be vital for the British Government to reach a deal to ensure frictionless trade after Brexit."