Responding to Michael Gove’s Statement to the House on Brexit preparation where he stated that the retail sector “confirmed that they are ready” for No Deal, a BRC  spokesman said:

“We have been crystal clear that while retailers are doing everything they can to prepare for a no deal Brexit on October 31st, there are limits to what can be done. It is impossible to completely mitigate the significant disruption which would be caused by no deal.

“Checks and delays at the border, limited warehousing capacity in the run up to Black Friday and Christmas, and the increased reliance on imported fruit and vegetables through the winter months mean that popular goods, such as strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce, would likely see reduced availability, and higher prices.”


House of Commons:

Starmer (15:32): “Can I challenge the suggestion in his statement that many businesses are already well prepared for no deal. I sat at 3 O’clock last week with the leaders of pretty much all the business sectors and  the one message they wanted to get across to me was how concerned they were that businesses were not prepared for a no deal Brexit. I don’t believe that those businesses are saying one thing to me and another thing to Government , so can he clarify that?”

Gove (15:42): “[Kier Starmer] asked about business readiness [for a no deal Brexit] … the automotive sector, who I talked to earlier this week, confirmed that they were ready, the  retail sector confirmed that they are ready”