DEFRA BTOM Legislation

DEFRA has shared a useful note on the BTOM (Border Target Operating Model) summary of changes and the measures for legislation to be introduced, which is in line with the timetable in the BTOM. Please see below for the note and also I have attached the briefing note summary, which has been updated.

The Scottish, Welsh and UK Governments intend to start implementing the new SPS regime from January 2024, with legislation introduced in accordance with the timetable detailed in the TOM. To deliver the first stage, that we intend to apply from 31 January 2024, we are seeking to legislate. This legislation is proposed to consist of the following measures: 

  • The introduction of health certification on imports of medium risk animal products and animal by-products (where they are available), and phytosanitary certification on imports of medium risk plants and plant products (as detailed here* for plants and here for animal products) from the European Union and certain other countries, as described in the links; 
  • The amendment of the Transitional Staging Period (TSP) end date, from 31 January 2024 to 29 April 2024, so that the second stage of the TOM can begin from 30 April 2024 where indicated by the final TOM.  (Please note, further instruments will be laid to deliver the policies scheduled for implementation later in 2024, such as the later implementation date for physical checks on non-qualifying goods moving from the island of Ireland to Great Britain at ports on the west coast. This end date change does not prevent further extension in future instruments); and 
  • The introduction of pre-notification requirements for goods moving from Republic of Ireland directly to Great Britain. Qualifying Northern Ireland goods will continue to move to Great Britain without additional requirements.  

  * For details of pre-notification for fruit and vegetables from the EU, please see the update here.  

If anyone wishes to share any feedback on the above, please do let us know by the end of the month.