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Better Retail Better World
is mobilising the retail industry to meet some of the biggest global challenges of the coming decades highlighted by the UN, including modern slavery and decent work, sustainable economic growth, inequalities, climate change and responsible consumption and production.

Using the widely recognised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, clear, transparent and measurable goals developed with businesses and campaigners are at the heart of the initiative.

Put simply, this action will mean further safeguards against people falling into the modern slavery trap by paying to get a job, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and waste sent to landfill and more support for people from underrepresented demographics to progress in employment.

You can see which retailers have signed up so far and track progress on this campaign hub.



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  • Icons_.png Committing to respecting human rights, supporting sustainable markets and developing skills are fundamental to all retail businesses.
  • Icons_2.png The retail industry as a major direct employer in the UK and an indirect employer across the world has an important role to play in improving equality.
  • Icons_3.png The industry’s supply chains are also dependent on, and impact, communities across the world.
  • Icons_4.png Production and consumption patterns need to be made more sustainable to enable for the regeneration of resources.
  • Icons_5.png The world needs to anticipate, adapt and become more resilient to current and future impacts of climate change.

Who's Taking Action

We support Better Retail Better World signatories with workshops, guidance (like our Better Retail Better World checklist), training, and forums. The Better Retail Better World actions will be reviewed and revised every two years to ensure the initiative takes account of a rapidly changing world>





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Beyond our longer-term goal of driving improvements in business practices, we are also focused on ensuring a coherent waste reduction strategy and a workable Deposit Return Scheme

The Prime Minister has pledged that the UK will eradicate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042 as part of the government's 25-year plan to improve the natural environment. BRC members are working to reduce packaging and are doing it in a way that addresses consumer concerns. There is a steady flow of new initiatives by BRC members to tackle avoidable plastic waste as well as new measures from the Government.

We continue to influence thinking on the recent measures announced by the Government include proposals for a new DRS system, broadening out and increasing the plastics bag levy, a tax on non-reusable plastic, a plan to urge supermarkets to introduce aisles without any plastic packaging, where all food is sold loose, and new research funding for “plastics innovation” and aid to help developing nations deal with their plastic waste.

Members can engage through this community


CSR Community

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We are delighted to support the Better Retail Better World industry goals which provide BRC members with some of the best information and guidance to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are what the SDGs are all about: bringing business, civil society and government together to bring about change in the world. Retail businesses working with consumers are key to the success of the SDGs and key in the race to restore nature.

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive


We’re committed to the BRC’s goals as we know that true change can only be achieved by collaboration. We look forward to working with our partners to have further impact on crucial issues such as climate change, reducing inequality and increasing opportunities through this pledge.

Fritz Walleczek, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility


At the Baukjen group we are committed to achieving the principles set out by the BRC. The most successful brands will be those that align themselves with the social changes that are taking place

Geoff van Sonsbeeck, Founder & CEO

The Baukjen Group

The SDGs align with our existing Corporate Responsibility programme and provide a welcome focus for us to build on that work to achieve real impact. Clarks is a proud signatory of the Better Retail, Better World initiative.

Belinda Deery, Chief People Officer


We all recognise that co-operation at a local and global level will be at the heart of delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Better Retail, Better World is so important in helping the UK retail sector to play its role in this.

Steve Murrells, CEO

The Co-op

We see Better Retail, Better World as an opportunity to collaborate at an industry level and effect real sustainable change, on a global scale. As a company we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, which will become the foundation of our company wide core CSR strategy with the aim to positively impact our colleagues, the people and communities we operate in.

Angela Morrison, Technology & Supply Chain Director


We’ve pledged our commitment to the BRC’s Better Retail Better World initiative, so together, we can work towards being a more circular and sustainable industry.

Assad Malic, Director of Corporate Affairs

Dixons Carphone

We're excited to be a part of BRC's Better Retail, Better World initiative and look forward to continuing to be a responsible business with new and improved defined goals

Scott Fishburn, Chief People Officer


The BRC Better Retail Better World initiative provides a credible platform for retailers to report their sustainability progress in line with the Sustainable Development Goals for business. At House of Fraser being a Responsible Retailer is core to our success as a business. We welcome this opportunity to collaborate with other leading retailers to scale sustainability improvements in our sector.

Gary Slattery, Executive Director Retail

House of Fraser

By coming together with other retailers we can have an even more positive impact on the people who shop with us, our businesses and the communities we operate in.

Pierre Woreczek, Chief Customer Officer

Kingfisher plc

Better Retail, Better World provides a common approach to how the retail industry can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and help make a fairer and more sustainable world

Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business


We are acutely aware of the enormous sustainability challenges facing our fragile planet, which is why we have embedded the UN Sustainable development goals in our business strategy

Chris Martin, CEO

Musgrave Group plc

We're delighted to sign up to the Better Retail Better World framework, and work together as an industry to tackle these United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Neill Abrams, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

Ocado Group PLC

Signet is delighted to work alongside the BRC to make the world a better, more equal, prosperous, and more sustainable place.

Emma Hayward, UK Executive Director


Retail is a driving force for our economy and our recently launched Retail Sector Council will seek to boost the industry’s economic health and sustainable growth. Through our Industrial Strategy and the Good Work Plan, we have already made steps to create a stronger, fairer society, and it’s encouraging to see retailers coming together to fulfil these ambitions through the Better Retail, Better World initiative.

Andrew Griffiths, MP

Retail Minister

At Dr. Martens, standing up for what’s right is embedded in our DNA. We uphold strong ethical standards and are taking actions to reduce our environmental impact and connect with our communities through our iconic product. We believe in the power of collaboration and the BRC’s Better Retail, Better World initiative is an opportunity for Dr. Martens to be part of a lasting change in the retail sector.

Jon Mortimore , CFO

Dr. Martens