First announced back in 2021, the product safety review has finally been published by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). The substantial delay was caused by the changes in Ministers and Prime Ministers.

This comes out at the same time as:

In summary, OPSS want to develop a product safety regime that:

  • Ensures business obligations are proportionate to the hazard presented by their products, exploring how to reduce compliance costs for lower risk products and make the conformity assessment process easier where possible.
  • Shifts the balance between regulations and industry-led standards to enable a more agile and responsive regulatory framework, allowing business greater scope to innovate when producing safe products.
  • Uses digital solutions, such as voluntary e-labelling, to reduce business costs and explore how digital options can be utilised to reduce burdens.
  • Addresses concerns regarding the ease with which unsafe products can be sold online, creating a fairer playing field so that shopping online is as safe as on the high street.
  • Enhances the leadership and coordination role of the Office for Product Safety and Standards alongside addressing identified enforcement gaps.

The BRC does not believe that new General Product Safety Regulations will come into force in Great Britain. 

The BRC Legal's community will be interested due to: 

  • New obligations for online marketplaces
  • Mandatory information requirements for products sold online

And possibly:

  • New powers and duties relating to enforcement and data; consolidation of enforcement powers 

The consultation document states that, in respect of internet-connected consumer products, the Government is considering how to ensure the product safety and cyber security regimes are coherent to ensure consumer protection and for both the safety and security of products.

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