This article is provided by BRC Retail Member, IKEA


At IKEA our passion for home extends to our community and planet. As retailers, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help create a more sustainable future, enabling the UK’s progress towards a better tomorrow.  However, achieving this vision requires collaboration on all levels which is why are calling on the next government to Buy Into Retail and recognise retailers as partners in delivering change. 

From evolving the design of our iconic products with sustainable materials, so that they can be reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and eventually recycled, to creating markets and platforms for second-hand items, IKEA is embedding sustainability at the heart of our business.

Our investments and actions are driving progress on the UK’s sustainability goals and net zero ambitions. To enhance these efforts, we need:

  • Bold and consistent leadership on legislation such as Extended Producer Responsibility and the Deposit Return Scheme to ensure they are fit for purpose and align across the whole of the UK. 
  • Clarity on investment and infrastructure particularly on renewable energy and electronic vehicles.  
  • Supportive legislation such as zero-rate VAT on recycled, repaired, or refurbished products to encourage a circular economy.

We urge the next government
Buy Into Retail and recognise retail as a key partner in delivering sustainability and net zero outcomes for the benefit of our customers, co-workers, and the economy. Let’s collaborate for a sustainable future and a better everyday life for all.