Retailers obligated under the new packaging Extended Producer Responsibility Data Reporting Regulations must report their 2023 and early 2024 packaging data to the Regulator no later than 31st May 2024. If you are in scope of the data reporting requirements, you must submit data by 31st May 2024 or be at risk of facing enforcement action.

Official Government information on this compliance deadline is available at the following link and here too.

You have to provide data for January to June 2024 and July to December 2023 (this requirement has some national variations; more details on collecting and submitting 2023 data can be found on You may need to report additional data depending on the type of packaging activity you carry out. 

To check if your organisation needs to report packaging data, please visit EPR: who is affected and what to do and if necessary follow the online instructions to access the new Report Packaging Data service. To support you with your compliance, Defra has put together helpful YouTube videos:

Choosing a compliance scheme-

Producer enrolment-

Compliance scheme enrolment-

Report Packaging Data - Account Creation - YouTube

Report Packaging Data – Producers – How to Collect, Upload and Submit Your Packaging Data - YouTube

Please read the slides below from UK Government, there is also a short one-pager letter addressed to businesses.


There is now a public list of businesses registered for the purposes of packaging EPR: you can consult it at the following link to ensure that your company’s name is on it.

Should your business have any issues with data reporting, or have any queries/questions, contact DEFRA’s dedicated service helpdesk for support. Telephone and email details are: 0300 060 0002 and

Please note the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 are still in force. If you are also required to report under these regulations, your 2023 data should have been submitted by 7 April 2024.