Thousands of retailers will be welcoming back customers from tomorrow as ‘non-essential’ retail begins to reopen. The British Retail Consortium and its members believe the public have a key part to play to creating a safe and enjoyable retail environment for shoppers and shopworkers.

Retailers have spent hundreds of millions of measures designed to prevent the transmission of Covid, including safety glass, queue management systems, social distancing signage, better ventilation, and more frequent cleaning. These measures have been updated in accordance with the latest Government guidance, which addresses issues such as testing of staff, use of fitting rooms, and safe use of air conditioning and ventilation.

The public also has a role to play. Customers should follow these seven steps to make retail reopening as enjoyable and safe as possible for everyone.

  1. Be respectful to shop staff and fellow customers
  2. Wear a face covering in store unless medically exempt
  3. Maintain social distancing
  4. Queue considerately
  5. Follow instructions inside and outside shops
  6. Follow all hygiene measures including regular hand cleaning
  7. Shop alone where possible

Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium said: 
“Retailers are excited about welcoming back their customers. They have spent hundreds of millions on making their premises Covid-secure; weeks preparing shops for reopening; and countless hours training staff on the latest safety measures. The three lockdowns have cost non-food stores approximately £30 billion in lost sales – and it vital that they are able to make their contribution to the UK’s economic recovery.

“While we expect an initial surge in spending when shops first open, the real test will be how this holds up. Many of us will be looking forward to returning to our favourite shop in the coming weeks, and we all have a duty to keep each other safe. Everyone should be considerate and respectful to their fellow shoppers and hard-working shop staff. This way we can all enjoy shopping and support our local communities."