Defra has recently confirmed new amendments to the EPR Data Reporting obligations, read about it here.

These are scheduled to come into force on 1 April 2024, after debate in Parliament.

There are 11 amendments that are being introduced:

  1. Inclusion of Scottish DRS articles in pEPR reporting. 
  2. Point of obligation: where a brand only relates to the packaging.
  3. Point of obligation: where packaging is owned by someone outside the UK. 
  4. Point of obligation: unfilled packaging supplied to large producers. 
  5. Point of obligation: reporting of imported packaging. 
  6. Seller definition. 
  7. Publish list of large producers. 
  8. Drinks containers reporting. 
  9. Compliance scheme checking responsibility. 
  10. Transitional provisions for packaging reported under the 2007 regulations. 
  11. Changes to the definition of household packaging