FOR ACTION: BRC Payments Survey 2022

BRC Payments Survey 2022 – Your Evidence is Vital

The annual Payments Survey provides the vital evidence base underpinning the BRC’s work to achieve a fair and competitive settlement for UK businesses on retail payments. With a rising focus on the wider regulatory landscape, this evidence is essential in enabling us to ensure the focus remains on this wider objective.

Please share this with the appropriate individual within your organisation. Your payment service provider can assist in supplying the required information. Responses to the questionnaire should be returned to by Friday 29th July.

As always, the data you provide remains entirely confidential, is used solely for the purpose of the Payments Survey, and the results are presented as industry aggregates only.

As with the previous two years, the Survey has been combined with the self-certification form for the Bank of England Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Machine-dispensed banknotes. This is for retailers operating self-service checkouts only.

Please log in to download the survey and complete all sections that apply to your business.

We look forward to receiving your response.

Kind regards

Tom Ironside

Director – Business and Regulation


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