Retail is the UK’s largest private sector employer, providing 3 million jobs across the country and for many people the industry gives people their first taste of the world of work. Retail is a dynamic industry, offering vibrant careers to the people who choose to work in it. For many the attraction to retail is the flexibility it offers, allowing them to work around their other commitments and vary their week according to their needs. For others it could simply be the locality and proximity to home.  

The industry is changing, and this has significant implications for people working in it. Our Better Jobs initiative brings together retailers from across the industry to tackle the new challenges as they emerge and aims to lead a dynamic, diverse workforce, augmenting retail’s reputation as inclusive employers.  

Our BRC Learning team ensures that leaders and their teams have the right skills and capabilities to succeed in the future by providing modern, digital learning services.

To help support the careers provision in the UK and in association with our members, we have created a careers website - Rethink Retail. We have worked with our retail members to showcase the diverse range of retail careers by interviewing the people who are already doing them. Their interesting and innovative retail stories will shed some light on what really goes on in some UK’s most forward-thinking retailers and help attract new people to the world of retail.

Members can engage through this community