Helen Dickinson has written an Op Ed for Raconteur’s Future of Retail Report, published in the Sunday Times, discussing the trends we expect to see in 2022. The first is that the big jump in online sales is likely to remain beyond the life of the current pandemic.

“While it is unlikely the double-digit growth in online sales will continue, the pandemic has cemented existing gains and is accelerating changes in consumer behaviour. This, in turn, is changing the role of stores and high streets, which must find new ways of drawing in customers.”

Second is the continued momentum of the sustainability agenda.

“Many of us are drawn to products without plastic packaging, sourced using sustainable materials, or containing high recycled content. This is an important step towards Net Zero, but making the best choices are still being held back by a lack of information and transparency surrounding the origin or contents of many products. Businesses and governments have a fantastic opportunity to fill this information void, as well as a duty to help nudge us all into making better choices.”

And finally, is the pressure on costs which is likely to translate into higher prices.

From seasonal farm workers to HGV drivers to warehouse staff, the whole supply chain is being stretched by labour shortages, leading to rising wage bills. The HGV driver shortage alone has seen drivers receive sign-on and retention bonuses of thousands of pounds, pushing up the cost of getting goods to where they need to be.

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