The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) have published their first tranche of FAQs on the website.

This supplements information that was published last year on their website on “what does it mean for me” which provides high-level information on the obligations of different parties.

Topics under FAQs include deposits and costs, timescales, producer registration, labelling and signage, return points, and takeback services.

You can view the FAQs using this link: FAQs | Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

A further two topics (Other regulations, Definitions) will follow next week.

They have also published the position statement on the collection of scheme packaging for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme. This is linked to various places on the website, including from the FAQs and the DRS landing page. RPS Collection of scheme packaging for DRS (

If Members have comments or observations on the points raised by SEPA please get in touch with Ewan.