With much of UK retail being restricted to online sales, cyber-security and the online protection of your business has become more critical than ever. 

You may have seen news from our Crime and Security Advisor James Martin around the the joint NCSC-US Department of Homeland Defence analysis of the impact on malicious cyber actors, see here.

The advisory makes it clear that a significant number of actors are making use of the virus, including through specifically themed phishing or malicious applications. These are both state actors and criminals. Additionally, they are working to exploit the vulnerabilities which might be created by the significant spike in remote working. 

The NCSC are working round-the-clock on this, and their website also remains a great source of help and advice, as does the 'CISP' platform. 

Last year the BRC also worked with Lloyds Bank to provide an insight into the potential dangers for retailers, and the protections your business can take.

You can see the full webinar here for free